I am the disabilities
lesbiline nigger
disability gives me
profound intellectual disabilities
I am not bathing in the sauna
rather than every Friday
and when the murmur is not always
Hold hands in front of the foot

lesbilisust adds lock
half of my chromosomes
I want women to love
I am not attracted to men
Mandela will take a female
template rollijoonist
Unfortunately, although the structure would
Ugrians vemba

black but küünealune
and the appendix is a blind
However, I am nigger
not estoafrikaan
central political correctness, do not
please regendiks
viksin itself but as soon as
Directives can

promise humouredly massal
I rote peksta Panni
nahagi would be on the market
lease and ass
Defense will help to create the basis of
where can a black Trojan Horse
Estonian President


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